Red earthenware ceramic pot glazed with a grey white glaze and strung with terracotta colour cord.


These bright, minimalist planters are perfect for any small plants. Ivy, cacti and some succulents work well planted straight into the planter or with the plastic pot inside if the plant needs drainage. These work particularly well for trailing or climbing plants. Hanging planters are strung with recycled cord. The cord can be looped to adjust the height. These are not heavy and so can be hung from a medium size cup hook in the ceiling or window. Alternatively they are nice hung on a hook on the wall or on a shelf.


Hanging : Height approx 65cm

External : Height 8cm cm x diameter at widest 8.5cm

Internal : Height 7cm x base at narrowest 4cm

Hanging planter grey white

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    • These are made from red earthenware 
    • Glazed with a grey white glaze
    • Although these are sturdy and not as delicate as they look do handle with care 
    • To clean wipe with a damp cloth